5 Easy Rules about Sip & Paint

The definition of “Sip and Paint” is literally how it sounds like; sipping on your favourite drink (or sip wine) while painting your favourite picture. It is a new common alternative that could substitute the old going-to-the-mall plan or another movie night with your buddies.

It is an activity that puts you in a feel-good mood enjoying nothing but good art, good friends and simply a good night out. If you worry about the ‘culture’ behind this activity that you might feel foreign about, here are some of the rules that could help you before you pursue a new adventure.

1. Relax!
It’s normal to feel a bit nervous about something that is new and that you don’t have any experience with. But if you were to feel really worried, then we beg of you, please don’t. “Sip and Paint” is all about releasing the stress that you’ve been feeling around your neck.

Let go of any hesitations and just let the colours flow. Enjoy the music while you dance with your brushstrokes.

2. Skills? What skills?
A big difference between an art class and our ‘sip and paint’ session is the fact that this session is not an art class! No one is allowed to judge anybody and no grades are going to be given out. If you have the talent then great for you, otherwise, just let go of your anxiety and simply start painting.

On the other hand, if you have a serious Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorder (OCD) going on, you might want to take it easy on that. Just so you could be patient with yourself and embrace on what you’re capable of.

3. Easy does it
But of course, we won’t leave you hanging and expect you to just take the wheel without any guidance. Experienced artists are ready to welcome you on board as you paint away with your other art-buddies. Just follow the doable easy steps and in no time, you’d be surprised that you’d actually be able to discover some hidden talent within you.

4. Socialise
The ‘sip and paint’ session will be attended by many curious and adventurous painters like yourself. This is the perfect time for you to meet a group of people that has the same interest as you do. Just as the saying goes, ‘great minds think alike’. Exchange opinions and explore new ideas about your background and tastes in art. With a good vibe, comes a great painting with a wonderful memory.

5. Have fun!
It is natural that when we try our best to focus on the painting steps, we tend to forget about everything else. Whenever you realise the opportunity, remind yourself to have fun! ‘Sip and paint’ is an activity that we try to prioritise on the experience of painting together, not only the techniques and materials. If you are still not able to picture what the session is like, please drop by and witness our interior yourself. It’ll be more than easy for you to join the paint-party mood we got going.

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