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The Struggle is Real for Working Parents during MCO

Undeniably, MCO has been horrible for the most of us in so many aspects. We are threatened by the aspects of wealth, health, relationships, time and so many more. But the good news is, there can always be a silver-lining somewhere. 

And if the kind of silver-lining you’re looking for is to have a major distraction for your kids to be productive while you try to figure things out, today is your lucky day as we are about to share with you our top recommended paintings specially dedicated for your children!

If you’re wondering about how you’re supposed to go search for art materials, not to worry, we provide it all in our special art kit which includes, canvases, brushes, acrylic colours and etc.

On top of that, there is a special video that comes together with the art kit where it shows one of experienced art instructors guiding your children all the way through in completing their paintings. Fortunate for those staying in west Malaysia, the very art kit also comes with a free delivery!

Art & Bonding’s Top Pick for your Children this MCO

Fluffy Bunny
Beautiful Morning
Glamorous Flamingo

You could check us out on our website where you could browse through a variety of paintings from abstract to beautiful landscapes. But for our top recommendations specially for your children, paintings entitled ‘Beautiful Morning’, ‘Fluffy Bunny’, ‘Glamorous Flamingo’ and ‘Mermaid’ are the ones that are well known to get kids glued to the whole process.

Worry not if your child has a limited set of skills because at the end of the day, our objective is to get them entertained through the fun side of education.


A plus factor, since the whole session will be based on a video, the viewers can simply pause or rewind at any time they’re comfortable with. Even if you are not able to do the painting today, the video could wait for you tomorrow or the next day. This is indeed a huge advantage compared to a physical art class where you need to be at a specific place at a specific time. You can simply do it at your own pace whenever you are ready.

If you get to witness good outcomes from having your child engaged with art-makings, feel free to check us out on our other website at where the process of learning art is more in depth. We provide curriculums for both adults and young enthusiastic explorers.

Quite of a different approach compared to our Art & Bonding art kit, Yellow Easel students will get the chance to learn art gradually in the long run. If you expect more than just a quick painting, hidden talents have been discovered here at our studio and this place might just be your children’s opportunity to discover theirs.    

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