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Ideas on What to do for Christmas 2020

Christmas gift preparation
Christmas is a wonderful time of the year to let those closest to you know that you care, a great way to do this is through gift giving! You don’t have to go all out and buy an expensive hand bag or shoes for a family member, partner or friend, why not make a home made gift?
This could add extra meaningfulness to the gift as you would have invested personal time in thinking and creating it. Examples could be a greeting card, a hand-made Christmas ornament, a box of home baked gingerbread biscuits or a fruitcake you made.
Of course if you’d rather buy a gift you know they would like go ahead! Maybe be creative or make it a joke in the way you wrap it up, such as purposely changing the shape of the wrapped object so they assume it’s something else.

Greeting Cards
Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

Christmas Decoration Ideas
For home décor, try putting up a sparkly Christmas tree, cut out your own snowflakes using coloured paper and string them around the house! Twinkling fairy lights add a very festive ambiance, as well as nice smelling candles to match the mood! If you have time on your hands, try making big red or green Christmas socks by watching a YouTube tutorial on how to knit them using yarn, or sew
them with felt cloth. For certain Christian believers, Christmas represents the birthday of Jesus and
they set up a crib with mini figurines depicting the Nativity Scene. Lots of decorations can be added around this scene: flowers, candles, lights etc.

Events happening This Christmas
KL Christmas, we might not have snow, but you can still enjoy a socially distanced trip to the mall where giant snowflakes have been hung up, as well as other winter themed decorations. Snap a photo while you’re at it! If you prefer staying indoors maybe try putting on some good winter holiday-mood movies, such as Frozen, Home Alone, Klaus, etc. Enjoy a steaming hot chocolate with floating marshmallows while you’re at it, or pop your own popcorn!

Christmas Sip & Paint Events at Desa Sri Hartamas

Art and Bonding is suggesting a fun series of Christmas themed paintings, come spend a jolly time sipping wine and creating winter artworks! You can choose to either decorate your home with the artwork or gift it to a friend. Some Christian believers attend midnight mass where they light candles, sing carols and celebrate the birthday of Jesus, although this year they will most likely watch online mass behind a screen.

Above all, this festive holiday is meant to bring friends and family members together for a reason to celebrate and have a special meal together. However, this year has indeed turned out most unexpectedly and maybe this time, simply giving our family members and friends a face call and sending them a gift through courier will have to do. Keep the Christmas spirit in you and fingers crossed to a better New Year 2021 ahead!

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