5 Ways to Kick Stress out of the Way

As beautiful as this life can be, it also comes with a lot of downfalls to it and one of them is stress. It’s safe to say that everyone will experience it. It does not care about how old you are, where you live, or how much money you make, stress will find its way to reach you. Well if you’re looking for ways to dodge it, these suggestions we’re about to share may help you transfer your energy from expressing anger to channeling it towards a healthier path.

1. Just walk it off

Believe it or not, the size of a room can very much influence one’s thinking.
If you are stressed about something, do not just be in your room especially with the lights off. Get outside your house, take a slow walk, look at the vast sky and feel the wind. It may sound quite cheesy when you’re reading this in a normal state of mind, but under stress, you’d be surprised on how nature can share with you its magic touch.

2. Fuse in to Music
70% of our body is covered with water. And water has particles that can easily vibrate and move based on the energy its surrounded with. This is where music can play its important role. For instance, if you are stressed out and angry while you are driving, to hear a heavy-metal song may cost somebody else’s life. Do a little reconditioning for your body and sink into a calm jazzy vibe. Breathe, sip a little coffee and let some good music set your mood.

3. Pat a Pet
It is scientifically proven that having a pet can lower down the risks of low blood pressure and heart problems compared to people who don’t. While there are some people out there that might think that having a pet is soft and feminine for men, science doesn’t say that pets are only for ladies. Your ability to find something cute and being drawn to it could actually save your life. Plus, if you have social issues, it is nice to have something that can’t interpret your emotions wrongly and just waits for you to give it a good pat.   

4. Food Mood
When you were a kid, have you ever had the chance of getting ice cream from your parent after falling off a bicycle? Instead of getting it from somebody else, now that you are an adult, you take care and treat yourself the same way. Anything that makes you feel good even though it’s just a little bit, is not nothing. Get yourself some good dessert to be distracted with. But remember, not too much, or the size of your tummy will be the next thing you’re stressed about.

5. Art, works!
Have your friends come over your place, prepare some art materials with good food & beverage, and enjoy doing painting together. Other than fighting against your stressful thoughts, being productive at the same time could actually give you a good motivational boost. Not only that you get to distract yourself from all the negativity, you’d also gain that chance to create something good out of yourself. Paint whatever, art is subjective, only preference. Share your art with your peeps, have fun and be sure to leave no room for stress.    

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