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Top 5 Socially Distance Outing Ideas for Small Groups in KL

Whether it is with your colleagues or just a group of friends, sometimes our relationships can somehow turn out to be quite stiff and dull. What more if the relationship is new and undiscovered deeply, the connection between two individuals or more can too be at its worse state.

Here are some social outing ideas for you and your buddies to have fun and reconnect, while staying safe by avoiding close contact.

Potluck Party

Have a fun gathering together by bringing your own favourite food to be shared with others. Exchange tastes and topics while explore each other’s personalities and interests. Potluck parties are best being enjoyed at outdoor venues like the park, or by the river. The good food and refreshing environment will definitely spark some good conversations along the way.

Bowling Night
Bowling is indeed an affordable and family-friendly kind of sport that is suitable for the general public. The concept of the game itself is easy to adapt to, super fun yet it will also bring out the competitive spirit among friends. This sport is very much suitable for colleagues as it is very entertaining but it also gives that gentle push for the players to be focus and strive for the win.     

Karaoke Night
One of the most common factors behind a quiet and untalkative person is the feeling of shyness. Most of us have a lot to say but not given the right context, we usually shy away. Have a karaoke night to simply penetrate through that feeling and enjoy singing your favourite song! Be brave to sing or dance and your friends should do likewise.

Paint Party

social event paint party

Prepare some good music, good munchies, drinks, and a whole lot of colours, brushes and canvases. Bring out the kid in you again and also in your friends. Enjoy exploring the unlimited possibility of art together. Whether it is an abstract piece or a calm picture of an ocean wave, book a private session where you as a small group can decide which vibe do u prefer to go with, what music would you all like in the background. What’s the most important thing is that you are able to do the artwork very much expressively!

Inexpensive indoor game – What’s my name game
Each player of this game shall have famous people’s names written on a paper and pasted on their foreheads or their backs. Any spot would do as long as the person wearing the name, can’t see it. The idea of this game is to have each member being treated based on those names they got on their body, and by the end of the session, whoever is able to guess their names correctly, wins. This game is great in building a sense of empathy among its players as it gives out an interesting twist to the engagement between friends.  

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