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Sweetest Ideas for Valentine’s Day that You’ll always Remember

The day where we celebrate our partner is just around the corner, and whether we believe in this day or not, it’d be such a waste if were to take this opportunity for granted. Let us celebrate love with all that we could do in remembering the reason why the universe has brought us and our partners together side by side. Sure, there’s no relationship that comes with no problems, but a little sense of love, can make it all worthwhile.

Valentine’s Day Card
Even though it is kind of cliché to give flowers and gift cards on this day, but a meaningful one still remains as meaningful. Gather up important pictures, honest writings, even lyrics to a special song and there you have the ingredients to an impactful gift. To turn it up a notch, you can try your best to learn and do a simple sketch of your partner to be included in the card, and we can assure you, they’d smile from ear to ear. 

Indoor – movie marathon

Feeling lazy on this special day? Not to worry, your home shall be your playground. Simply set up some blankets and cushions, a big bowl of pop corn and have a movie marathon together. But remember, as how a relationship is usually done right, give and takes must be considered. Let your partner choose the movie first and alternate throughout the hours until you are ready to give them a kiss goodnight. 

Trip around town for new experience. Sip n Paint
On the contrary, if you’re up for an adventure, then take your partner for a special trip around town. And by special we mean that you guys have never experience it before. Something like sip and paint would do the trick! Sip on your wine and enjoy making art. Experience the meaningful night through creating something together and whatever the future holds, the sweet memory remains beautifully on a piece of canvas.

Special dessert

It’s easy to bring your partner out for a dessert place but what could be more meaningful is to have you do the dessert yourself. Just go on youtube or any website you could find to gather the recipes for a simple one. It could be a cake or ice cream but whatever the outcome is, try and decorate the dish sentimentally. Put up relatable sweet quotes or even an edible printed picture of your partner and the sweet taste shall last a lifetime.   

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