Tips to Host Interesting Virtual Corporate Team Events

Virtual Team Building Through Art

Since 2020, it has been a huge challenge for every one of us, from all classes to all ages. We are currently facing a global pandemic that has affected our common ways in living our lives.

Hugs and friendly handshakes are perceived as harmful actions and self-isolation can be the most unselfish thing to do. Our physical social life has flipped upside down and we are all lack of humanly interactions. On a bigger scale, many companies from various backgrounds are having major issues bringing their employees together as a team.


Some companies hold periodic events of any kind including employee appreciation day, conferences, team building events, networking, fundraising, etc.
Now, the digital world has been the only vital option to keep things in contact.

However, planning a virtual corporate event isn’t easy. It takes good planning, creativity and hard work.
Here we offer fun ideas to be a part of your virtual corporate events. For either both your clients or your team, this virtual meeting guarantees each individual’s participation.

1 ) Recipe Sharing

During these times of being under lockdown, one of the most popular home-activities is cooking.
It’s great idea to get everyone to share photos of their home cooked food, it can be “best pasta recipe” or any “special cooking tips”, running a context among team members could be really interesting yet increase interaction between them.

2) Make People Laugh

While in handling corporate events, the social interaction between attendees are more direct and personal. It is indeed important to at least have a little sense of humor in speech and play during the happening of the meeting/event. This will help break the tension and will help the attendees to loosen up, be comfortable, and beyond willing to participate.

Setting up the right mood will definitely influence an effective virtual corporate event or meeting.

3) Paint at Home, Together!

The virtual platform is indeed a great domain in cooperating the homely vibe and the corporate team spirit. Other than home-cooking and conference calls, painting is also a great personal activity that can be shared with many. A themed painting session can help gather all attendees onto the same boat-ride together. With the art kit, each individual is given the chance to play their part in completing a whole big picture.

The foreign experience in handling acrylic colors and brush handles will open-up their capabilities to contribute and cooperate but at the same time, they are still able to let loose and explore the exciting characteristics of the art materials. Interactions and communications will well be generated among each other and as a result, the attendees can better assimilate the information that’s shared with them.

Virtual Team Painting

A corporate team event or meeting should very much be an event that is fun, lively, entertaining, and can help boost the creativity and productivity of each individual, especially during these times where people are prone to be passive at home. Order our Home Bonding art kit and experience fun teamwork like never before.

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