Drawing Habits that help Beginners

Best friend journal
Keep a drawing diary with you. Let it be with you almost wherever you go because you never know when you might need it. It could be during the time while you wait for the bus to arrive. Use your surrounding to draw whatever you can. It could be just a barricade by the street or even a random person passing by, draw anything and make the best out of it. The hand you draw with requires some practice for it to listen to what you demand and a journal can always come in handy.

Favourite art heroes
Among the greatest things the internet can offer us is good exposure. A huge part of the world’s art scene is at the tip of our fingers. Take this chance to discover amazing artists and be truly inspired. Look at their techniques, do’s & don’ts, search for their artwork descriptions and absorb all the inspiration you need. The more you are exposed to good drawings, the more you are influenced to have it in your touch.

Patience is a virtue
Even though sometimes you feel like screaming out the spirit of wanting to draw, you can only move centimeter by centimeter on a piece of drawing paper. Control your breathing and enjoy the act of drawing rather than being too excited about the end result. If things don’t go your way, maintain your perseverance and redraw with an intention to solve the technical issues you face.

Health is wealth
Most people might assume that drawing only happens well when you have a good hand. Well, that is not entirely wrong but a big part of it is also in the mind. When you eat food that can improve your memory and when you have a fresh mind from having enough rest, proper performance can be delivered. For a car to travel the furthest, it must first be in a good condition.

Concept over copy
Instead of just copying your subjects over and over again just for the sake of repeating, try to break it down into parts where you can understand it more clearly. Deconstruct and analyse. How? For instance, in drawing a portrait, start with simple shapes first before you add in the details and shading. Have a little formula behind the process and try to remember the names of each part you draw. This would help a lot in building good muscle memory over your subject.  

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