Deck up Your Home with these Paintings in this Chinese New Year!

The Chinese New Year is an important celebration for Chinese as it is a strong symbol to a fresh new year, an opportunity to strengthen relationships, and to experience a night, in fact days, like no other.

A huge part of this celebration, like many others by other races and cultures, involves beautiful decorations. Either you are from the Chinese ethnicity or not, we would like to share with you three Chinese New Year paintings that could help make this new year indeed a special one.

First Snow in Forbidden City
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The painting shared above is called ‘First Snow in Forbidden City’. The forbidden city or in Chinese, Zijincheng, is a well-known palace situated in Dongcheng District, Beijing, China. With its record being the largest palace on earth, it is one of the important things that the people of China are most proud of.

As seen in the image, snow is being set as a supporting subject to the cropped roof of this iconic palace. This is to associate the past winter season with the warm welcome of Chinese New Year. 

Koi Fish (Pair-up painting)
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The koi fish has always been a true symbol of great wealth in the Chinese culture. For the way the fish swims with such gracefulness, its big healthy size and also for the vibrant colours of red, black and white, it is no wonder that this type of animal makes it a perfect representation of pure wealth and richness.

Specifically, for this painting, the colours of the Koi fishes work harmoniously with the colours of the blue water and the natural green. The colour combination helps to emphasise on the koi fish very well and that factor alone strengthens the meaning behind it even more.

The Red Plum Blossom
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It is been said that, out of all the flowers that are present during the festive season of Chinese New Year, the Plum Blossom has the greatest dominance. Its dominance is so strong that it leaves a psychological impact that goes perfect with an important time of celebration.

Each flower has 5 petals and each one of them comes with a beautiful meaning which they are, longevity, wealth, health, virtue and natural death. Such beautiful symbols that fit together with such a dominant look in a form of pure art on canvas, this painting is a personal recommendation from us for you to have during this special season of Chinese New Year.

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