Parent-child Bonding

Fun activities for you to try at home with your children during RMCO

The pandemic has been a troublesome obstacle for many of us to go through. Staying at our very own home sweet home can even be bitter at times too. Some of us have it worse as they have to juggle responsibilities including work, bills, family and as well as children. Here are some 5 suggestions that we’d like to share with you and we hope that they could at least be a bit of help for you to spend some quality time together with your children.

Firstly, try and invent a game that you could have fun exploring together. For instance, if your child is interested in comic characters, why not play a dress-up game where you can use anything you have at home to fix a costume. Have fun using your creativity and whoever could pull it off very successfully, provide a reward for that too.

2. Create Learning Environment at Home
School has indeed been one of the most high-risk places children could go too yet physical classes are proven to be better than virtual ones. By creating a learning environment at home, it could very much help with this unfortunate circumstance. Build a mini classroom where you’d have a little section for your children to learn on a whiteboard, a table set to focus on, and you as the teacher to be asked for guidance.     

3. Next, do a daily diary together.
Keep track on how you spend your day. Encourage your children to really let out how they feel about their day. From there, you might also have the chance to check on how to improve on your planning. If there are more things to write about, the better. It could be an expressive letter for your children, but it also can be a progress report for you as a parent.

4. Discover a hobby which you guys have never done before.
It could be anything at all but it’s best if the activity could be educational at the same time too. You could go digital by finding a fun and creative online course to do physical activities like watercolor paintings, acrylic paintings or even crafts. The objectives here are to have an exciting exploration, partly practice education and subconsciously create meaningful moments together.

5. Last but not least, try an outdoor activity, indoors!
For instance, if you have a yard at home then you’d have an advantage for this particular idea but if otherwise, you can create your own camping experience in your living room! Fix up a small tent, prepare some barbeque food, and you can even have a story-telling segment with your children. The mood of a setting can sometimes play a major role.

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