Paint To Create Memories

why choose art & binding

Elvina Fernandez

I had such an amazing time at artbonding last night singing along to ur lovely song collection & sometimes singing along with everyone in the room, sipping wine and painting The staff were extremely welcoming and helpful, easy steps to follow for even the most complicated looking painting. No experience needed as they are always there to guide u and it’s not maths guys so no 2 paintings are alike just enjoy the moments and let ur inner artist reveal on the canvas Thank u for providing this platform and feeding our souls.

Min Min Jasmine

Wonderful experience. Went with a group of friends, all of us with no painting experience and yet we able to paint such a nice galaxy art with guidance. The art teacher is very kind and helpful also very experience and patient. Very cozy environment and we get to drink wine while painting. Excellent.

Nadine Mazbar

Perfect place to express your creativity and also to bond not only with your plus one, but also mingling and socializing among other people during the painting session. Warm welcome by the host and cozy art studio, to be enjoyed with a cup of calming tea or with a glass of wine. Definitely me and my friends are gonna come back for more!

Kevin Wu

Signed up for a sip and paint night with my girlfriend last Saturday. I had an enjoyable evening learning to paint all over again. The instructors were very friendly and helpful in guiding everyone! I like how every week has different themes. Bring your own bottle, no corkage charge! I will be back here soon!

Pavithra Mahendran

Had my first class and the class was great! The demonstration was easy to follow and the staff were really friendly and accommodating. The general vibe of the class was pretty chill, partly because of the people and partly because of the atmosphere. The wine helped too.

Audrey Fong

Went with a group of friends and had a blast. 3 hours flew by as we each worked on our paintings. Kudos to the teacher who guided us...many of us were surprised that we could actually paint. Definitely recommend this for groups bonding and pure fun.