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Running out of gift idea for friends?

Gifts can be a tricky thing to figure out especially if you were to give it to somebody that’s special to you. Although just an object, it can give a strong impact on the people you share it with and it’ll also leave an impression about you as the giver. Not that we want to pressure you, but if you find the gifts you’ve been sharing are getting kind of boring, here are some ideas that might help you out.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Personalised coffee mugs
Some people are very much attached to their coffee whether they realize it or not. And if you notice that you do have somebody as such within your circle of friends, a very nice mug could come in handy for them. But to turn it up a notch, instead of getting them a mug you take straight off a shelve, you can try and design the mug yourself. It doesn’t have to be too fancy. You can even get a permanent Sharpie marker and just doodle an ‘inside joke’ or a fun pattern you both could appreciate.

Classic Photo Album
Today with the common use of smartphones with high tech cameras, photos mostly remain in the digital world or a ‘cloud’ if you will. A photo album with printed out and decorated pictures can somewhat be a very nostalgic thing to have. Gather meaningful pictures of the person you’ll be gifting it to, and be prepared to sit on the couch, tell stories, just like the olden days.

DIY fridge magnets
The door to our fridge is something we encounter with almost everyday of our lives which makes it the perfect spot to decorate it with awesome fridge magnets! There are all sorts of materials that can be used which include plasticine, wood, paper, etc. The only concern that you should bear in mind is that it shouldn’t be too heavy for the magnet to hold onto the fridge door. A cute and lovely piece would be such a pleasant thing to have especially during the excitement just before having some nice food to eat!


Sip & Paint Event
If you happen to be around Kuala Lumpur, you can bring your friend here at Desa Sri Hartamas for a good sip and paint session. If you’re wondering what that is, it is literally what it sounds like; sipping on your wine while painting beautiful pictures. You could by your friend a gift card sip & paint session and experience a moment of pure bonding with one another. Objects can be pleasant to have during a certain period of time, but a memory of a special moment shared together may last a lifetime.

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