Reasons Why Your New Year Resolution won’t Work

1. Fail to Plan is Planning to Fail
There is a saying by Sun Tzu that goes, ‘if a man does not have his plans written down on a paper, he does not have a plan at all’. This is indeed a valuable quote as it makes us realize how important it is to visualize our visions in order to make things work.
A plan is almost like an electric circuit where it is most likely easier to be handled tangibly than to have it only as an imagination.  
2. What causes PROCASTINATION?
Especially nowadays where entertainment can only be, not even a click, but a touch away, procrastination can be a very subtle yet venomous factor that could turn our life-goals into cloudy visions.
It is no surprising matter that short videos or movies can take up hours and hours without us even realizing it, and hours can even reach up to days. Until we finally listen and respond to our guilty conscience, our ideas and ambitions may always be done by someone else.

3. You are What You Eat
It is generally a known fact that food can be good or bad. Sometimes the food we consume may also fall under the grey area where it might taste good but bad for health, and also vice versa.
One of the main attributes in scoring one’s resolution is to have a strong sense of focus. The right choice of food would definitely contribute to that. Eat more vegetables and fruits and try to avoid oily and too much sugary savory. Results may not be instant but in the long run, your body shall be thanking you.    
Woman Holds Sliced Pizza Seats by Table With Glass
4. Feeling Demotivated during Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis?
2020 has, without a doubt, tested the strength of many people from all over the globe in terms of both physical and mental health. It is not only for the majority class of people but also for giant companies.
In these hard times, it is almost normal for anyone to quit, and perseverance is the spiritual rope that everyone is holding on to. Sometimes we just have to admit that we are only human. Changing can be hard for some people, however, remember that everyone of us are coping with the with new norms together, you are not alone.
Readjust your daily routine by starting healthy habits, such as exercising, eat a vegetable, meditate, take time to cook, and make time for your pet or spend time with family, learn a new skill online, and start executing every plan to survive through.  

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