Things to Learn in Desa Sri Hartamas

The name Hartamas is a combination of two Malay words which they are ‘harta’ and ‘emas’, translated; gold treasure. As this small town is surrounded with many housing areas, gold treasure is indeed what it is as it caters the world of both business and family men. And if you so happen to be around this area, here are some venues that you have to check them out.  

If you are interested to really be drenched in sweat , martial art would do just the job. TNT kickboxing will equip you with the right kind of training to learn self-defenses. Through our personal experience, the trainers there are very much friendly and welcoming but as you might guess, the name TNT is definitely there for a reason. Earn your fit body and protect it, literally.

Talent Hub Dance Studio
Drop by this place if you are interested in getting a little sweat going on through the art of dancing. There are various types of dancing involved which they are salsa, hiphop fusion, bachata, and even pole dancing. I bet you get real excited watching some cool dance moves on television shows, well this is just the right place if you were to try it out yourself and learn by professional themselves.


Yellow Easel
On the contrary, learning art is known to be an activity that is very calm and therapeutic. An art studio called Yellow Easel provides you a friendly step by step guide in learning to make two- and three-dimensional artworks. Have the chance to create and explore both abstract and realism through various techniques with the help of experienced artists. Make new friends and relive your childhood memories as an adult with your developed sense of artistic taste.

Drum Asia
Drum Asia, as you might’ve gotten a clue from its name, is a place where gigs in that local area happen. Other than being a platform for new artists to showcase their musical talent, they also provide jamming studios for those of you who do not have a suitable room at home to really express your musical side.  

Lastly, when you come by this area, you will learn the most is the abundance choice of food in here! After your art lesson, all you can indulge is variety of cuisine to fill your starving stomach. There’s western food (Breadfruits, Backofen, Eatalia, etc.), Korean food (Jeonju Myoungga Korean BBQ, Daorae BBQ, 88 Kimbab, etc.), fast food (Burger King, KFC), Indian cuisine (Mallar Bistro, Namaste, etc.), mamak cuisine (Bestari, Pelita), fusion cuisine (Mei by Fatspoon), and several Chinese food stalls!

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