Best Activities that Motivate Your Team

Generally speaking, a team is a group of people that share the same goal. Whether it is a group of a company, or even just a small neighbourhood football club, a team requires each member to contribute their own parts in order to make a certain goal achievable. It is also a common knowledge that there can be teams that don’t do so well, and there are teams that can do so incredibly good that they could achieve many great things together. One of the most important traits that a good team is usually known for is the sense of great motivation.

There are a lot of ways to encourage good-spirit within a team which among them are, firstly, to provide opportunities for team members to simply share about each other. A normal office table meeting could sometimes be quite awkward for people to open up about themselves, but given the right circumstance, they actually might be more than willing to do so.

For instance, a campfire-story gathering can be a good start. It doesn’t have to literally be at a campfire site, the idea here is to provide the right setting, tone, or mood for the team members to comfortably express themselves. By doing so, the team would have the chance to know more about each other, feel more welcomed and they could even have a sense of belonging to that very group. To express feelings can seem weak and ‘not cool’ for some, but not being able to express can be jeopardizing in the long run as some people do have the tendency to hold grudges or make up bad assumptions.

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2. Road Trip
Other than creating an imaginary setting for team members to introduce themselves, actually going for a road trip could also be motivational too. You’d be surprised in finding out how just a half-hour drive to a waterfall spot could create so many positive things. A new fun surrounding could help give a natural fresh vibe to a person and during these very moments are the ones that are best shared together. Activities that go in between the time spent there can easily be remembered as places like a waterfall spot or a breakfast place out of state can be very occasional and can seldomly go to. A slight change of environment can be very impactful has its own ways of adapting accordingly. If the place is good, the vibe is good, and the mood to have a good relationship can slowly be nurtured.

3. Offer Opportunities for Self-development
As common as a team being seen as one body of work, we must not forget that a good team is contributed strongly by individuals. For these individuals to turn up a notch in their gameplay can be a vital factor for a team to make progress. Provide trainings that could sharpen their skills or better yet, provide new knowledge that could help them in their careers. People usually debate about which kind of person could be better, is it the ‘jack of all trades’ or the ‘master at one’, while nobody would ever say no to the ‘master of all trades.’ Although that is rather impossible, but the thinking direction can indeed be rewarding. Adding sufficient amount of skills to an individual can help a lot in their growing process which can make them a liable source for the team, hence they would feel more confident and motivated.  

4. Do Not Punish Failure
There are tons of trials and errors in achieving something. Sometimes things do not go our way and we tend to get angry about it very easily. A bit upset or frustrated can be totally normal, but a good management in controlling those feelings can define a good sense of leadership. Instead of shaming the person who has done the trouble, try your best to forgive and encourage that person to do better the next time. Motivation is always the healthier option compared to fear and stress.

5. Creative Team Activities
These activities can involve sports, fun-family games, or even wine and paint parties. It is important to include enjoyment in whichever one of these activities. As mentioned before, good vibes should very much be prioritized. Positive energy and even laughter can be a great tool to break the ice and connect team members more intimately. Giving fun scenarios to them can motivate their problem-solving skill and creativity while also be entertained at the very same time!


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